Rest, accept - Repeat!!

Our regular hathayoga practice is a real luxury.
And often we take it for granted.
It is not until we are unable to practice we really understand the value of what it brings to us.

And of course -  the fact that you are unable to have a physical practice -  will guide you deeper into your already existing practice.

I have said those words. Many times.
And believed those words.
And for sure heard those words, a million times.
And it is not until now I understand the meaning deep into my core.

It comes to my mind that I`m used to process a lot of my everyday life on my mat.
Both mentally, emotionally and physically. Thats not uncommon. We all do.
And moving things around physically also kept my body healthy and vibrant.
Now, when Im unable to use my physical body in that process it`s been tricky to really surrender and accept how things are.
It was a whole lot of easier a couple of years ago when I had bad fracture in my left hand.
After 2 surgeries and 2 months I were teaching a retreat in Costa Rica.
Happily convinced that I were back on my hands during summer the same year,
It happend.

Today it`s different. Of course. It always are.
More painful. More resistance.
And thats a good thing.

I`m still learning how to be more gentle. More kind. Patience.
Really going outside my comfort zone.
To truly dare to rest is being far out of my comfort zone.
Being still. At peace. Watch every moment grow.
I surrender. And I reflect even more.
I`m closer to the present moment even when I´m not teaching or practicing a challenging asana.
And I wan`t to share that wisdom.

I witness Life as it is.
That`s such a great gift.
I am forever grateful.