GoodBye challenging and uncomfortable 2012.....

.......Welcome so much splendid 2013.

In the end of 2011, I proudly wrote this post.
That was all about gratitude for the past years.
Love, challenges and lots of learning.
I was ready for Radical honesty. The complete.
Fearlessly embracing 2012.

2012 - A year with lots of change, growth, honesty, ambivalens, frictions and endless being.
It`s been uncomfortable and annoying.
It`s been a roller-coaster of emotions.
It`s been much needed.

The year where the Earth were supposed to end according to the Maya`s.
It didn`t. The world meets a new Era. Time for compassion. For caring.
For living in truth. We are all together on this planet.
I read an interesting and important article (in Norwegian) about humanity and behavior.
The importance of belonging.
Yes, It is time to reach out our hands. To care about each other.
It`s my misson.
To handle with care.

A couple of memorable moments in 2012:

Zen Coaching Training  at beautiful and warm Ängsbacka.
Moments with clarity, being and amazing meetings.
Celebrate the Moment retreat at Crete.
I´m so grateful for hosting this special
retreat with my soulbrother Surya.
Together we are unbeatable.
I also had some precious days at Crete with a friend of mine.
We had priceless moments of hilarious fun that I never will forget.
My 5 weeks at Bali.
Oh Bali. You are like a big, embracing heart ( ( ( ♥ ) ) )
So many marvelous people crossed my path.
My time in Bali were beautiful, challenging and alive.
A reminder of what`s important.
A reminder of responsibility.
And a wise teacher words;  It is all perfect!

A new home.
New friends. Old friends.
Friends with struggles who are brave beyond words.
My grandpa, my Offa, passed away.
And - Oh Bali I still recover from that bug

Thanks to my closest and loved ones for being there.
You know who you are.
Thanks to all my loyal students for listening. For being brave. For your patience.
You make me wanna grow. And learn. Be humble.

I wish you the blessing of friends and partners who stay with you and support you through both clarity and dust. People who`s got your back.

2012, thanks for holding the space. For the tenderness and loss. For the pain and suffering. For inspiring me to live my life with childlike wonder.

2013, I'm ready. Yes to belonging. Radical acceptance.
I totally surrender.

All you need is faith and trust... and a little bit of pixie dust ♥ ♥ ♥

early morning in Thailand 2008- leaving Ko Ngai