Where is your focus?

The main source for our sensory input are our eyesight.

We enjoy sunsets and sunrises. We read. We look into other beings eyes.
On our yogamat we are likely to study our toenails. The neighbours outfit. Cracks in the roofs.
The other students asana moves.
Eyes wandering....
Our attention will stay where we choose to fix our gaze.
On our yogamat. Or in our daily life.

Drishti, the Sanskrit term for sight, direction or focused gaze, is a tool used in asana practice, traditionally Ashtanga, to bring you closer to dharana (concentration)
It`s actually 9 options of dristhi.
To use drishti in our practice, it will be a good reminder to stay focused.
To turn inward.
Drishti is a soft-focus gaze, not a piercing stare, with relaxed, even gently blurred eyes.
A gift to the heart to remain steady and soft.

Give it a try.

A t t e n t i o n .


friend with focus - treetophut 2012