N e e d s

What do you need?

I need these three things at first: 
Presence, Connection, Predictability,  

If I`m working hard, I`ll get a touch of all these ( for me) important things every day.
If I succed giving it to myself  it will make me more content and also a more loving person.

practice, practice, practice

practice, practice, practice

practice, practice, practice

I also need my xx hours of sleep.
I need rest.
I need space.
My coffee routine
Quality time with my beloved and my closest ones. 
Quality time with myself.
My greens.
I need to take things slowly.
I need to practice.
I need to feel loved, being loved and love.

What is my practice?

My yoga practice which includes meditation, asana, study, awareness teaching, community
and a  w h o l e  lot more. I have my buddist practice which includes chanting, study, meetings etc.
Step by step I also include Zen coaching more into my practice.

My practice encourages me to make conscious choices every single day.
Every minute. Every second. Every new momentum.
And allows me to accept and let go, the days I´m not making the good ones.

It is so much easier to be aware of my needs when I`m faithful to my practice.
It is easier to be honest. Easier to do my routine. To make good decisions.
Easier to be mindful to Mother Earth.
Even easier to drink my greens.

And to be honest - it is a challenge to have a constant practice.
But that´s another story. Another blogpost.

Needs are truly beautiful -
Stay close to them.
Give to others and you shall recieve.
Challenge your fears.

You are not alone.

life upside down london 2012