Freedom doesn’t mean the absence of all restrictions. It means possessing unshakable conviction in the face of any obstacle. This is true freedom.

Daisaku Ikeda

As I wrote in my earlier post about commitment it`s all about dedication.
It requires your dedication not just once, but over and over again.
Commitment is a consious choice to achieve something deeper.
Some qualities and flavours of commitment are will, discipline and responsibility.
The challenge is struggle, friction. 
Different flavours.
You really get to explore your tastebuds.
And the result or gift is freedom.

Commitment doesen´t need to be scary, heavy or make you feel duty-bound.
Let your commitment be a process of directing energy that creates freedom.

It is truly important to remain conscious of the intention behind commitment.

When commitment is strong, struggle gives way to resolution.
The gift of this resolution is freedom.

True freedom.

FreeHand Skåne summer 2012