What`s Your Dosha?

In Ayurveda (often translated as the “science of life”)
the five elements of space, air, earth, fire and water make up everything in the universe including the human body. These elements come together to create three different constitutional types, or doshas, known as
Vata (airy), Pitta (fiery), and Kapha (earthy).
Knowing your type can help you understand what foods, exercises, and lifestyle elements can support and nurture your health and which ones can cause imbalance.
More than just a system of natural medicine, it is a way of living that encompasses lifestyle and diet, as well as medicine, bodywork, astrology, philosophy and psychology.
It touches upon every aspect of life.

Every individual will have one or more of these doshas in excess, and that is what defines one’s constitution. If you want to know your Dosha (or know more about yourself) I suggest you to visit an ayurvedic consultant. That can be a life changing process for sure.

You can also do a simple test on the web, just for fun.
Be honest when you read the 3 questions below, and get a hint of what dosha you might be ;)

vata) “can I change my mind”?
pitta) “it’s my way or the highway”
kapha) “don’t worry be happy”

And smile ;)