What is strength?

"life is not a given - it is a choice" -

I think it is also a precious gift -

Love Maria


Follow your inner compass

It is smart to have roadmap during traveling. A guide.
Especially while exploring our inner journey.

Your feelings are like a compass, your inner compass.
Directing you through your life. 
Feelings are part of the language of your inner guidance.
Listen what they have to say, and they can guide you into making the right choices.
Your inner wisdom is brilliant - yet most of us ignore it by denying or own intuition.

Your feelings are there for a reason.
That`s nothing new. But a good reminder.
You may find out that if you choose to ignore your feelings,
they often get stronger and stronger and will not just go away!
And maybe find out that a big, messy bird nest is growing in your head. (or under the bed)
Often your feelings will increase until you listen to them and pay attention to them.
Let your feelings guide you!

And when we finally do that, we get in contact with our heart. 

In conclusion, our feelings are often the voice of our deepest desires which are waiting to be heard. We can learn so much from following our hearts, growing into the wonderful people we are meant to be!

I choose to have compassion for myself
I choose to respect my feelings.
I choose to be honest to myself and other.

I choose to follow my heart  ❤

heart compass


The only consistant is change.....

I´ve heard...
...and sometimes changes are easy. And fun. 
Sometimes it can be incredible scary. Make you feel vulnerable.
And out of center.

The journey on /with the magic carpet is a never ending story....

How to stay present when life travels fast?
How to go with the flow?
How do you respond when you don`t know what to come?
How can you stay centered during challenges?
In the midline.
And at the same time be fearless and explore freedom?

How to love what is?

Love the pretty & plesant days. The lazy days. The ugly days.
The days where everything seems to fall apart.
Love the everyday boredom.

Embrace that everything changes ALL the time.

The journey within never stops.

I leave you with this:

Let go of the things you fear to lose. Die to your attachments. Free yourself from everything you think you are and embrace the truth that you are abundant, eternal, fearless and worth being loved.”
- Jackson Kiddard, author & polymath.

wind flowers in the light of spring


The Magic carpet

Lets`s assume your yogamat is a Magic Carpet.
Like in the story of  One Thousand and One Nights.
Where king Solomo had a magic carpet made of the finest, green silk.
The story says he used to eat lunch in Damascus and supper in Media.
It was a good way of traveling so to speak.
Environmentally friendly, probably quite comfy and a lot more exciting than a car.

What would you choose-  a car or a magic carpet?
Just imagine yourself flying high in the skies, looking down at the life of nature.
Where life is happening. 
Our life!
Everything is moving this time of the year.
You can almost see the power of nature unfold in front of your eyes in everysingle minute.
All these thoughts,hopes, visions and dreams........in blossom!

It takes us to the fact that everything is temporary.
Nothing is permanent. Everything changes and nothing at all stays the same.
And, it is the elusive nature of this life that makes it so sweet. 
It is the rise and the fall of life.
The ebb and the flow
Like the hibiscus flower who opens during the day and closes when the night falls.

Our human nature has a tendency to cling to the rise and want to rush through the fall, but every moment is part of the wondrous and beautiful process.
May we move through this journey, both ups and downs with openness and courage, knowing that they too shall pass and that feelings do change, every moment is precious, wonderful and full of wonder exactly as it is.

with wonder & humility


nature in one of all precious moments


Listen to the birds

Springtime is getting closer.
I´m celebrating Easter with resting, nesting & reading.
Renewal my inner space.
Shaking out that winterdust.
Still hibernating a little.
Patience. Always patience.
Planting seeds.
It is truly an adventure. This precious life.

there's a bluebird in my heart that
wants to get out
but I'm too tough for him,
I say, stay in there, I'm not going
to let anybody see

charles bukowski