The only consistant is change.....

I´ve heard...
...and sometimes changes are easy. And fun. 
Sometimes it can be incredible scary. Make you feel vulnerable.
And out of center.

The journey on /with the magic carpet is a never ending story....

How to stay present when life travels fast?
How to go with the flow?
How do you respond when you don`t know what to come?
How can you stay centered during challenges?
In the midline.
And at the same time be fearless and explore freedom?

How to love what is?

Love the pretty & plesant days. The lazy days. The ugly days.
The days where everything seems to fall apart.
Love the everyday boredom.

Embrace that everything changes ALL the time.

The journey within never stops.

I leave you with this:

Let go of the things you fear to lose. Die to your attachments. Free yourself from everything you think you are and embrace the truth that you are abundant, eternal, fearless and worth being loved.”
- Jackson Kiddard, author & polymath.

wind flowers in the light of spring