Wear it like a crown

A show about wearing your fears and failures with pride.

I`m excited to meet Cirkus Cirkör again. I cried, laughed and got inspired during their last visit here with magic Inside Out.
Its about being human. About joy and sorrow, fear and courage. About love & life. About being vulnerable. And that vulnerable are the same as strong.
Life can be poetry. We just have to believe. In ourself. In life.


Wear it like a crown is the final part in Cirkus Cirkör’s trilogy about the body. The first part, 99% unknown, took the audience on a journey inside the body among cells and neurons. Inside out follows the heart, and Wear it like a crown seeks order in the collisions between the left and right cerebral hemispheres

A word from the director
Tilde Björfors - Director and artistic director

"All growth is preceded by risk-taking. There is no innovation, no great work of art or love story that has not involved a number of risks.
Since risk-taking has such valuable results, why does it have such a negative connotation?
Why don’t we all throw ourselves into all risks with great joy?
Is it the fear of hurting ourselves or the risk to our own or others’ lives?
Yes, but the majority of the factors that hold us back are based on a fear of quite harmless things.
No one has ever died from saying “I love you” even though it may feel like it, at that moment"