The Magic carpet

Lets`s assume your yogamat is a Magic Carpet.
Like in the story of  One Thousand and One Nights.
Where king Solomo had a magic carpet made of the finest, green silk.
The story says he used to eat lunch in Damascus and supper in Media.
It was a good way of traveling so to speak.
Environmentally friendly, probably quite comfy and a lot more exciting than a car.

What would you choose-  a car or a magic carpet?
Just imagine yourself flying high in the skies, looking down at the life of nature.
Where life is happening. 
Our life!
Everything is moving this time of the year.
You can almost see the power of nature unfold in front of your eyes in everysingle minute.
All these thoughts,hopes, visions and dreams........in blossom!

It takes us to the fact that everything is temporary.
Nothing is permanent. Everything changes and nothing at all stays the same.
And, it is the elusive nature of this life that makes it so sweet. 
It is the rise and the fall of life.
The ebb and the flow
Like the hibiscus flower who opens during the day and closes when the night falls.

Our human nature has a tendency to cling to the rise and want to rush through the fall, but every moment is part of the wondrous and beautiful process.
May we move through this journey, both ups and downs with openness and courage, knowing that they too shall pass and that feelings do change, every moment is precious, wonderful and full of wonder exactly as it is.

with wonder & humility


nature in one of all precious moments