Radical Honesty & Fearless Feathers

endless beauty


2010 was the most love-filled year I`ve ever had.
It wasn't without tears or challenges. There were plenty of those for sure!
There was connection and listening and no-words-needed and just the right touch.
There was real deep love. Inside me. Love that's taken years to form and grow comfortable in.
Love with the nature, a very special person and my very own heart.
Love that I am so so grateful for and will never take for granted.
I learned to have patience. With my injured hand. With myself. With life. 
My yoga teaching were growing, just like me. Side by side.
Everything in my way were a painful, beautiful and mysterious playful game.

2011 was the most unexpectedly challenging year I`ve ever had.
From sweet and luscious to a rough roller coaster. But also a lot of growth. 
I learned what it means to feel joy. And go home to my own heart.
I dared to embrace and explore my inner teacher.

Some memorable moments comin`here....
I visited India and had to face many of my fears.
I shared my wisdom at Celebrating The Heart on Crete. And discovered Mama Bear.
We also found a secret spot on Crete - my beloved and me.
I spent time in magnificant surroundings in Sweden.
I had an incredible helicopter ride over New York in July, just one day after the 22/7 attacks in Oslo.
I had many delicious moments at Cafe Gratitude in San Fransisco.
.............then the Darkness slapped me in the face like a hungry and tired Grizzly Bear.
I just wanted hibernate through Autumn.
My heart couldn`t stay awake so much longer.
But I never ever lost my hope.
Nature was there.
The Tramp was there. Somewhere.
Some peeps. With a heart ♥

My teaching was my glitter. My students my stardust.
I`ve learned to embrace my Light and my Darkness.

2010, thanks for such big love
2011, you are my teacher and trickster
2012,  I'm ready for you. The Complete. The endless being. Radical honesty.
I leave all my fears behind.
All you need is faith and trust... and a little bit of pixie dust  ♥ ♥ ♥
--Peter Pan
alias Maria