Come October, come November, change is in the air.

Outdoors the temperature is cool, the air is dryer, and the winds pick up -- in an Ayurvedic perspective: it's Vata season!

The Vata inside your body will increase because of the condition of the weather outside.
This is because like increases like in Ayurveda.
Everyone will feel better pleasing and nourishing Vata for these coming months

As your Vata gets aggravated, you may start feeling stressed or fatigued, dry skin, and lack of sleep.You may also have huge sweet cravings.
Make sure to establish a steady daily routine , staying calm, warm and nourished...

Abhyanga - the sanskrit word for ayurvedic daily oil massage.

When I visited India earlier this year, I had a couple of Abhyangas.
It was not like any massage I had before.
The first massage was at my birthday.
Februar. A very hot day,
Totally naked. H U G E amount of oil.
Lying on a wooden bench while 2 or 3 peope using their warm hands releasing any stress in your body.
Oil everywhere.
Then the shower. They give you a shower. Yes - you do not need to do anything.
Just relaxing(?) on a chair, waiting, while they slowly, wash away the oil. Every little corner of your skin.
Washing your hair. Singing. Humming.Smiling.
I felt like a newborn child. Purified.

I use organic sesame oil for self- massage all year around.
But it`s even more important during these cold and dark months here in the North.

You need:
Organic sesame oil. Make a note: Not the toasted, dark oil !
To purify the massage oil, “cure” it by healing it to about 220 degrees Fahrenheit.
You don`t n e e d to purify the oil, but if you have the time - make a try!
Do this once
Before using the oil. Warm the bottle a few second in warm water from the spring.

You can use the oil for massage in the mornings and evenings.
Begin with the feet. Rub the soles of the feet, especially good before sleep.
Massage the hole body before showering in the morning. Or just around your hip area.
Rub the oil gently into the scalp, yes, it will be greasy so maybe save that to the evenings or before schampooing the hair.

You can also place the oil in your ears and nose to help prevent colds, flus, sore throats, sinus congestion and allergies.
Just dip the pinky in some warm oil and insert through the nose :)

Be kind to yourself.
Make the cold, dark months a little more sweet.

Blesings maria