The greatest high on earth is being able to trust yourself

~Lauren Zander

Trust really starts with being there for ourselves.
Being in contact with our center.
Breathe. Making space for what is.
How come it is so easy to be present for the people we love and not for ourselves?

Located in the area of the solar plexus, navel, and the digestive system, the fiery third chakra is called Manipūra, the "lustrous gem " or "city of jewels".
Associated with the color yellow, this chakra is involved in self-esteem, (love)warrior energy, and the power of transformation; it also governs digestion and metabolism.
Self-awareness, identity and trust are other pearls of the Manipūra Chakra.
Until we discover these pearls within us and raise them into the light we live in constant fear.
Fear that we will not be loved, fear of becoming ill, of dying, etc.
A healthy, spirited third chakra supports us in overcoming dullness, assert our will, and assume responsibility for our life.
This chakra is also the place of our deep belly laughter, warmth, ease, and the vitality we receive from performing selfless service.

What does it mean to you to be present for yourself? 

trust & grow