The art of quiet

In this never-ending multitasking world, my need for rest and quiet gets more and more visible and clear. I long for these moments of tranquility.
I`m not alone. For sure.
The world needs more being. Not only doing.
More Yin. To balance out Yang.
In our culture most people suffers by over stimulation of the senses. The result of a constant noise of impressions from television, radio, computers, newspapers, magazines, books, etc .
We are always reachable and always online.

When I long for quiet it`s not necessarily silence. It is not the same.
I long for peace on the inside.
To retreat from all that overwhelming and absorbing noise.
I need to connect with my inside world.
Maybe study another chatter.
Stay with it.
Be there.
Make peace.

The fifth limb of Patanjalis Ashtanga yoga is pratyahara (sense withdrawal) 

Pratyahara - withdrawal of the senses from external objects.
(drawing back or retreat. The word ahara means "nourishment"; pratyahara translates as "to withdraw oneself from that which nourishes the senses." )

By drawing attention away from the external environment and turn it inward,
focusing on our breathing and inner sensations we become more aware of our body.
To let your attention draw back from the external world to the internal world.
Becoming one with the inner experience.

Give yourself a gift: balance your art of productivity with the art of quiet .

R E S T  

peace tree january 2013