Freedom doesn’t mean the absence of all restrictions. It means possessing unshakable conviction in the face of any obstacle. This is true freedom.

Daisaku Ikeda

As I wrote in my earlier post about commitment it`s all about dedication.
It requires your dedication not just once, but over and over again.
Commitment is a consious choice to achieve something deeper.
Some qualities and flavours of commitment are will, discipline and responsibility.
The challenge is struggle, friction. 
Different flavours.
You really get to explore your tastebuds.
And the result or gift is freedom.

Commitment doesen´t need to be scary, heavy or make you feel duty-bound.
Let your commitment be a process of directing energy that creates freedom.

It is truly important to remain conscious of the intention behind commitment.

When commitment is strong, struggle gives way to resolution.
The gift of this resolution is freedom.

True freedom.

FreeHand Skåne summer 2012



In the end what matters most is,
How well did you live,
How well did you love,
How well did you learn to let go?


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Establishing stability in your practice creates more freedom in your life -
Christina Sell

To find inner peace often requires a practice, a commitment.
It is not a gift given to the special or lucky ones, but a choice you make.
To find inner peace, you must practice peace in every aspect of your life.

Just hearing the word “commitment” can sometimes make even the most confident person nervous, anxious to find an exit strategy.
The truth is that most relationships require continuous commitment to take root and grow.

I will say that my yoga practice is an ongoing relationship and it is not always sweet.

In the beginning it was just a flirt, weird and a high at the same time.
I wanted to practice every day, try new things and it was just so easy.
Like in the very beginning of a relationship. Maybe just a crush.
Or you continue to date more frequently.
You meet someone you really like and want to spend all your time with that person.
Like a carousel.
After the first year or so it started to be more challenging.
I didn`t like all the different qualities and especially not all the feelings it brought up.
I committed to my very first yogamat and continued to join public classes.
It turned out to be a very long relationship.
A relationship I was ready to work for.
Open for everything.

Stage 2 ( or 3 or 4 or 5) are when you think this is really bad for you.
Or maybe want to quit.
You're asking yourself: maybe another practice/ workout/ style may be better for me?
I feel so angry, sad, insecure or depressed on my mat.Not good enough.
Or maybe you feel everything at the same time. Messy.
Stage 2 repeats itself a hundred times. Or more. And it is always a breakthrough.
Hopefully you decide to commit.
To work even more with the relationship. To grow. Expand.
You are a couple. A team. With ups and downs.
Inseparable & uniqe.
And you have to choose each other again and again and again.
After a few years it is like a marriage.
A marriage you have to take care of. Nourish.
Discover over and over again.
Give love to.

We can turn anything we do into a practice by committing to do it with reverence.
Our commitments then become promises we make to ourselves.
Intentions we set instead of simply tasks we perform or rules we follow without much thought or contact with our essence.
Once we find stability within, we are free to listen to the wisdom and longing of our hearts.

More about committment in the Yoga Sutra:

Yoga Sutras 1.19-1.22: Efforts and Commitment

Virya is the positive energy of ego that is the support for the faith of going in the right direction. This energy of virya puts the power behind your sense of knowing what to do. When you are strongly acting on what you know to be your correct path, that is virya. When you feel weak or uncertain, and are taking little action, that is from lack of virya. Virya is that conviction that says, "I can do it! I will do it! I have to do it"



People whose hearts are full of gratitude and appreciation are truly beautiful.
A humble heart is the wellspring of great growth and development.

- Daisaku Ikeda -

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Rommelyoga playlists spring 2012 ♥

I know! 
Better late than never.  More in progress.
I bow to you

Springtime 2012

Prana (Sahana Vavatu)  Craig Kohland & Shaman's Dream
Third Eye - Glen Velez
Emotional Clockwork - Matthew Schoening
Last Dance (Enliven Deep Acoustics & Kenny Leaven Remix) - Chapeau Claque
Duality - Tumbara
Om Shanti - Zilverzurf
Ajnabee Feat. (feat. Go-Ray)  EarthRise SoundSystem
Radiant Pleasure - Layne Redmond
The Proclaimer -  Layne Redmond
Miniature 8 -  Matthew Robert Cooper
To Hugo - Clogs
Sparkwood and Twentyone - Aix Em Klemm
1000 Suns - Rara Avis
Backbends For Opening The Heart  -  Ben Leimbach & Jai Uttal
Wandering - Peter Kater & R. Carlos Nakai

Shake the Dust.

Intro - The xx
Throwed Snow Cones - Ernest Gonzales
Emotional Clockwork - Matthew Schoening
Shake It (Shaikh It) - Adham Shaikh
The Proclaimer - Layne Redmond
Duality -Tumbara
Om Shantih Shantih Shantih - Robert Musso
Radiant Pleasure - Layne Redmond
Om Shanti - Zilverzurf
Oh, Why - Balam Acab Wander
10,000 Steps - Biomusique
Ohroo - Biomusique
Wandering - Peter Kater & R. Carlos Nakai
1000 Suns - Rara Avis

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N e e d s

What do you need?

I need these three things at first: 
Presence, Connection, Predictability,  

If I`m working hard, I`ll get a touch of all these ( for me) important things every day.
If I succed giving it to myself  it will make me more content and also a more loving person.

practice, practice, practice

practice, practice, practice

practice, practice, practice

I also need my xx hours of sleep.
I need rest.
I need space.
My coffee routine
Quality time with my beloved and my closest ones. 
Quality time with myself.
My greens.
I need to take things slowly.
I need to practice.
I need to feel loved, being loved and love.

What is my practice?

My yoga practice which includes meditation, asana, study, awareness teaching, community
and a  w h o l e  lot more. I have my buddist practice which includes chanting, study, meetings etc.
Step by step I also include Zen coaching more into my practice.

My practice encourages me to make conscious choices every single day.
Every minute. Every second. Every new momentum.
And allows me to accept and let go, the days I´m not making the good ones.

It is so much easier to be aware of my needs when I`m faithful to my practice.
It is easier to be honest. Easier to do my routine. To make good decisions.
Easier to be mindful to Mother Earth.
Even easier to drink my greens.

And to be honest - it is a challenge to have a constant practice.
But that´s another story. Another blogpost.

Needs are truly beautiful -
Stay close to them.
Give to others and you shall recieve.
Challenge your fears.

You are not alone.

life upside down london 2012