Full Moon today.

For me, the days around full moon are usually good days for creativity and to get things done if Im in balance.
My practice are at the peak. To slow down a bit, I do a more cooling practice.
If I have been traveling - like now - I need more rest. Like restorative poses, meditation and again a cooling practice to slow things down.
Conserve and build more energy.

To turn inward and float with the universal waves, I like to practice Moon Salutations- Chandra Namaskar - instead of my regular Sun Salutations.
They allow us to honor the yin or feminine side of our energy, in contrast to the Sun Salutations, which are more yang, or masculine, in nature.

I`ve copied an article from YogaJournal about fullmoon and yoga practice.

"You may be familiar with the caution "Avoid practicing yoga on the full or new moon!" This tradition of observing "moon days" stems from the belief in the Ashtanga system that practicing at either extreme of the lunar cycle leaves you vulnerable to injury.
One theory is that because the body consists mainly of water, you are affected, like the ocean's tides, by the moon:
On full-moon days the pull of the moon is so strong that your prana (life force) moves upward, leaving you feeling headstrong and liable to push yourself beyond your limits; on new-moon days, the pull of the moon is so diminished that you find yourself lacking motivation.
The ultimate time to practice, then, is during the middle of the lunar cycle, when the moon is a half circle and your prana is balanced"

The diagram from Laura Cornell shows the sequence of Chandra Namaskar; 16 asanas that constitute the Yoga Moon Salutation.