Life is like a circus: you enter, bow, run around, bow again and leave

the final E X I T

Storm P.

We enter this world raw and naked. Pure bliss.
We enter the Arena.
Sometimes life is total chaos. Strange things happen. Good things happen, Scary things happen. Amazing things happen. Confusing things happen.
And Y O U  are there. In the middle.
Like in a circus.
You can be the Clown. The Ballerina. The Juggler. The Acrobat or maybe the Ringmaster.
Every moment is new.

You can play there for a while. Our time is limited. Before we have to leave the Arena.
Our last E X I T .

It reminds me of whats important for me in my precious life.

While I'm having my time at the circus arena I want to live my truth.
In the moment. Day by day.

Inhale & Exhale