Have a romance with Life

Bhakti Yoga - The yoga of Love

The word yoga means "to connect."
In the West, Yoga are mostly known as postures (asanas) on a yogamat.
The old Vedic texts explain that yoga is meant to connect with God. (or the Divine, Nature, something greater)
Bhakti means "devotion," or "devotional service," or "pure love."
So Bhakti-yoga means to practice connecting with God, through acts of love and service, or devotional service.

The practice of Bhakti Yoga can be listening to, reading, and studying the scriptures, meditation and chanting mantras.

All these practices of devotion lead to the last one: surrender.
When we have surrendered our egos and its need to cling and control, we free our hearts to live through love and in faith.
We have surrendered ourselves to God and to a life of Love.

For us earthlings the practice of Bhakti maybe sounds a little strange.
We are human after all.
For some of us, practicing Bhakti Yoga may mean reading holy texts, such as the Yoga Sutras.
For others it may mean a daily meditation, being in nature or even asana practice.

How can we cultivate more sweetness into our asana practice? More sweetness into our lifes?
Cultivate more compassion for ourselves and others.
Diving into our yoga with empathy, curiousity, and acceptance?

Make an altar. Inside your heart our in your home. Or both.
Pimp your altar with things you love and worship.
Pictures, flowers, stones, fruit, chocolate, notes, candles, loving thoughts-  whatever you want.

Unconditional love can be healing.

Have a romance with life itself.