Patience is great power!

I`m reading a beautiful book by Sharon Salzburg right now.
A heart as wide as the world.
In one chapter she is writing about patience.
Love every word.
I think patience is one of the most challenging
and amazing thing to practice.
I wear an amulet, almost every day,
with  p a t i e n c e  engraved.
It reminds me to believe in patience.
To stay strong.
To be alive.

I believe that being alive means to practice.
Patience, compassion, whatever...
doing the best we can and then follow the flow of nature.
We plant a seed, nurture it, water it, and let it be.
Knowing there's something bigger that we don`t know yet, allows us to be more peaceful, to learn as things unfold and grow.
True patience is to be here, right now, in this present moment.

True patience is strength.

my patience