Full Moon blessings and Gratitude


The year of the Watersnake.
From an astrological wiev this is the time to heal, forgive and release.

And Monday Feb 25th  we have an illuminating Full Moon in Virgo.

I read these beautiful words on this blog the other day:
"The Virgo Full Moon is showing us that acceptance heals our heart. Accepting the choices other people make will free us. We will feel lighter. We will feel better. For instance, when we release our need to fix, save and rescue others. Accepting the choices that others make allows them to learn from their experience.”
Back from Tulum Mexico.
The days in Norway are a tiny bit longer and the temperature a little higher.
I feel so grateful. It is easier to be in contact with gratitude when we forgive, heal and release.
It is time to face the sun. Go out in nature. Touch the earth.
Go inside and ask yourself what am I really grateful for.
I leave you with an ever so freshly mantra from Kaypacha

Mother Nature is forever calling me home,
She speaks through the crystals, stones, and bones,
If I can be still and turn off my phone,
I will see that I am never really alone

Tulum beach afternoon.