Vairagya : letting go, acceptance, detachment

“Vairagya” is the term in yoga philosophy that describes non-attachment.
The term “yoga" itself comes from the verb “to yoke,” to be steadfast with something.
This is different from clinging to things out of fear.
Which leads us to attachment. 
Attachment is one of the main causes in our lives of unhappiness. Or gloominess.
Vairagya refers to our ability to let go of things, to leave them be, as well as to go for a challenge.
We need both action and inaction in our lives to keep balanced, and the practice of vairagya helps us stay away from getting too attached.

Vairagya, or non-attachment is truly a powerful practice that we can integrate into our daily lives. 
Our yoga practice can help us to slowly break down our old, annoying patterns.
Loosening the grip on things, thoughts and feelings can make us a little less fearful as persons.
To stop clinging to negative thoughts. Or holding on to things, patterns, people we do not need anymore. Or holding on to the sweetness. The joy. The good things, thoughts and emotions.
It requires faith.
And the fact that we must believe in not knowing the outcome.


Practice your asanas (especially the ones who are the most challenging to you)
and try not to be so very attached to their outcome.

Humble as always ;)  
Accept what is, and stay present with every precious moment.

The practice of acceptance and non-attachment doesn’t need to be practiced on a yoga mat.
It`s a practice for each and every, single moment of life.
Every moment of our life is an opportunity to grow.
This is why it is so important to embrace each moment with total awareness.
For me that`s freedom.
Enjoyment of the moment is all we have until that moment is gone – so that we may enjoy the next one....or not.

Acceptance is the art of living in the present.

a present moment in Oslo