Pisces Party

"When I am sorry for what I've done wrong,
And feel the feelings of the other person,
I breakdown the walls of separation,
And begin true soul transformation."

Thanks to Tom Kaypacha Lecher.


Full Moon blessings and Gratitude


The year of the Watersnake.
From an astrological wiev this is the time to heal, forgive and release.

And Monday Feb 25th  we have an illuminating Full Moon in Virgo.

I read these beautiful words on this blog the other day:
"The Virgo Full Moon is showing us that acceptance heals our heart. Accepting the choices other people make will free us. We will feel lighter. We will feel better. For instance, when we release our need to fix, save and rescue others. Accepting the choices that others make allows them to learn from their experience.”
Back from Tulum Mexico.
The days in Norway are a tiny bit longer and the temperature a little higher.
I feel so grateful. It is easier to be in contact with gratitude when we forgive, heal and release.
It is time to face the sun. Go out in nature. Touch the earth.
Go inside and ask yourself what am I really grateful for.
I leave you with an ever so freshly mantra from Kaypacha

Mother Nature is forever calling me home,
She speaks through the crystals, stones, and bones,
If I can be still and turn off my phone,
I will see that I am never really alone

Tulum beach afternoon. 



As my days pass here in Tulum Mexico I´m getting more and more convinced that I was borned to to inspire my surroundings to really enjoy life. Enjoy and listen.
I mean really indulge in the fact that life is a pleasurable mystery.
Because right here and now I´m so damn good at it.
Belly breathing. Pleasure inside out. A treat that lasts forever. If I want to.
Like a yoga practice which never ends. It`s always here.
A practice for life.
Life IS 
In every moment incredible as it is.
dark & light
smear it all over your heart peeps



Just being

You need not do anything.
Remain sitting at your table and listen.
You need not even listen, just wait.
You need not even wait, just learn to be quiet, still and solitary.
And the world will freely offer itself to you unmasked.
It has no choice, it will roll in ecstasy at your feet.

-Franz Kafka

My wiew in this very moment - Tulum


Paradise is a state of mind NOT a geographic location!

I don´t need to remind myself so much about that anymore.
At least not everyday.
I actually appreciate everyday life.
Saturday or Monday. The same.
But I admit the climate in Norway it`s not for me. Snow is just not my thing.
Tiny daylight. Cold feet 5 months a year. Sweetcravings. Sloppy streets.
And of course beautiful snowflakes. Amazing winter sky.

I like days who are the same. Who melts into another.
And I love that I have a everyday life here.
An everyday life which sometimes is quite boring, challenging and empty.
And sometimes more peaceful, meaningful, rich and abundant.
It`s up to me. Embracing it all.
A life I can choose to make an adventure
E V E R Y S I N G L E D A Y 
every single moment.

I love plain Earl Grey tea. Bread with butter and brunost. 
Nothing fancy. ( spirulina is so 2012 ... ;)
Sleepy mornings.
n o t h i n g n e s s 
I like ordinary things.
That`s paradise
And yes, I enjoy greens too. I enjoy juices. I love Vitamin D
I also love coffee. Chocolate. And peanutbutter.
In my opinion we really don´t need to be wheat free, milkfree or sweet free to be  f r e e 
We don`t need to go skydive for for being brave.
And we don`t need to travel the world to find paradise.

Paradise can be everywhere if you really want to.
It is an inside choice.

For sure we have our favourite spots or places around the world where it is easy(ier) to connect with our paradise within. I have plenty. Next stop Mexico :)

Home of my frozen winter heart. Ko Ngai 2009


Todays Truth

The mediocre teacher tells. 
The good teacher explains. 
The superior teacher demonstrates. 
The great teacher inspires.

William Arthur Ward

Let us always be humble, authentic and honest.
Let us stay away from being lofty.
No show off.
Let us always be our true self!


Sadhu in India 2011