Face your fears

Most of our fears are not based in reality.

It can be related to a situation. An emotion. To speak out in a big group. To surrender. To be vulnerable. To stop smoking. To eat chocolate. To love.
To show who we really are.

I`m still having a hard time flying, even if I`ve been traveling long distance for many years. This year I`ve visited India, Crete, New York & San Fransisco.
Not by car ;)
With a jumping heart, catastrophic thoughts and shaky hands.
Every single flight.

In NYC i had an amazing experience.
20 minutes, a hot sunday morning -in a helicopter!
I felt weightless, safe and ectatic!
That makes me even more convinced that I really can work that fear.
Mostly in my practice.
Embrace it.

Invite the fear in your yogapractice.
Step out of your comfort zone.
Dare to step back and rest - if that scares you.
Dare to sweat a litte bit more - if that scares you more.
Dare to open your heart.

Be brave.
Flirt with your fear tricksters :)

helicopter bliss over NYC 24 July 2011