It’s good to be quiet. Sometimes for a day. Sometimes a month.

Solitude calms the nervous system, as being in nature and practice yoga.
Paring down contacts both human and
technological, to the essentials are good ways to keep life flow smoother and to stay healthy and grounded.

We worry so much about visibility, missing out. And money. We grasp becasue we are afraid for our survival, our credit our fame. To bee seen.

We are afraid to just be.

We are afraid to stop the motion.
Sit back. Watch. Not participate in the usual striving ways.
Sure, we will feel lonely at times.
Loneliness is something that most humans have felt acutely their entire life. Including me.
I`ve learnt to enjoy the stillness. And still working on it.

Try to find your own type of deep quiet in the transition between summer and autumn.
Carve it out. Make the sacrifices and the leap that you need to make to find a little space and time for yourself. See yourself. Meet yourself.

Embrace yourself.
I`m embracing the nature!