When life gives you lemons - eat rainbows


Ever since I was a little brown-eyed girl,
I believed that I could find a treasure in the end of every rainbow.
I still do.
And I also know that eating rainbows can be a good thing to do.
Especially when life taste more like like a big squeeze of lime than a soft chocolate cake.
It gives me balance.

Imagine life like a rainbow.
A wide, colourful wave to experience.
With all that implies.
With both pearls and junk along the way.
Sometimes the junk transforms into diamonds.
Sometimes it`s just junk.
It´s a huge, rockin`wave.
With treasures, to beautiful to ignore, along the way.

One important thing to notice:
balancing on a huge rainbow wave can be tricky sometimes.
Some waves are smoother, some quite rough.

How do you keep balance in your life?

Contemplate, or just have a big bite of the rainbow itself.

I found one