♥ Make space for a new year

Almost the end of 2012.
And a beautiful time for reflection and contemplation.
What do I wan`t to leave behind?
In myself? Others? The world? 
Let go! Say goodbye with love to the parts you don`t need anymore.
Forgive. Do not hide.

What do I wan`t to celebrate?
In myself? Others? The world?
What am I most proud of? And is it possible to let it grow? 
And how can I bring it with me into the New Year?

What`s next? 
What do I want to manifest and visualize for 2013?
What is my vision? My longing?
Plant a seed in our "second spring" .
Nurture and nourish. See it grow.

Let go, Forgive. Celebrate, Believe
Be a brave and glowing firefly  

december light last year. 2011