Ēostre ❤

Today it is Spring equinox and the first day of Spring.
It is also called Ostara, named from the Goddess Ostara or Ēostre
Ēostre is the Germanic Goddess of Spring and she is also connected with renewal and fertility.
Her symbols are eggs.  And eggs have been viewed as symbols of new life and fertility through the ages. She is also often pictured with a rabbit or hare.
Hares and rabbits have long been symbols of fertility.

Ostara is a time to celebrate the arrival of Spring, the renewal and rebirth of Nature.
It is a time to bless your spring seeds and place them in your heart and into the ground.
Nature is celebrating. The light is coming back. Spring will be it`s usual lush and abundant green. Every single time.
This is an excellent time of year to begin anything new or to completely revitalize something. 
To shake the dust of ourselves. Renew our thoughts, our dreams, and our commitments. Renewing our relationships. Recycling.
We can reflect on the ways we spend our time and energy and whether they are in alignment with  and support what we truly value.

Spring cleaning, from the inside-out, is a good way of manifest and express the energy of renewal and new beginnings. Clear out clutter and stagnation, regrets and old grudges.
Make space for new growth and abundance. Shake it all out!

Set up a spring altar, with gemstones and colored eggs, daffodils and tulips, chocolate bunnies, candles, a cup of water…maybe with some crystals; rose quartz, blue calcite, amethyst and citrine.
Use your own fantasy and create the altar you want to celebrate Spring.
Or Easter if you want ;)

Face the Sun.


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