Follow your inner compass

It is smart to have roadmap during traveling. A guide.
Especially while exploring our inner journey.

Your feelings are like a compass, your inner compass.
Directing you through your life. 
Feelings are part of the language of your inner guidance.
Listen what they have to say, and they can guide you into making the right choices.
Your inner wisdom is brilliant - yet most of us ignore it by denying or own intuition.

Your feelings are there for a reason.
That`s nothing new. But a good reminder.
You may find out that if you choose to ignore your feelings,
they often get stronger and stronger and will not just go away!
And maybe find out that a big, messy bird nest is growing in your head. (or under the bed)
Often your feelings will increase until you listen to them and pay attention to them.
Let your feelings guide you!

And when we finally do that, we get in contact with our heart. 

In conclusion, our feelings are often the voice of our deepest desires which are waiting to be heard. We can learn so much from following our hearts, growing into the wonderful people we are meant to be!

I choose to have compassion for myself
I choose to respect my feelings.
I choose to be honest to myself and other.

I choose to follow my heart  ❤

heart compass