Like a Love balloon

So, the theme for this week is coming up here pretty late. I know :)
I´m overwhelmed with getting used to have a young man in my house.
My youngest brother, only 23 years young, lives with me for a while.
I`m learning how to expand and stretch my heart ( and patience) a little bit more.
New routines and schedules.

So, it is late but not a tiny bit less important.
It´s been all about trust and self care the latest weeks.
Establishing trust and inner peace.

I think, that if we create a solid foundation of trust, it´s so much easier to enter our own heart.
The Anahata Chakra
Be more loving to ourselves.
Be more loving to our friends, partners, familys and community.
More loving to the Earth.
Make space for more.
It is a practice we have to choose over and over again.

To live from the heart.
Act from the heart.

Be love.
Live love.

One of my students said that she felt like a love ballon after the heart class Monday morning
I couldn`t agree more.

That`s a brilliant metaphor.
A Love Balloon ( ( ( ♥ ) ) )

tulip love