Almost the end of Januay 2013.....
Still wiping dust of the mirror of 2012? 
Full Moon hangover?  
And I don`t mean the hangover which comes from a this kind of full moon party.
More the hangover from how the moon and the planets affects us.
If you are interested to dive deeper into that,
I suggest you to listen to someone who loves the Universe like Tom K Lescher.
I really enjoy listening to his astro forecasts which he presents in a quirky and honest way.
(Perfect to enjoy lying on a yogabolster covered  in blankets :))

What does it mean to make space for YOU in your life?
To really be clear about what`s good for you.
What do you need to get to that space of clarity?

LISTEN to your heart.
Meditate, take walks in nature, log off, take solitude...
whatever is good for you and go inside for exploration.
Before you totally can embrace that distinct space inside, you have to figure out if you’re stuck in some areas in your life. Sounds kind of basic but not.
Sometimes we carry around that restless feeling who keeps us from being true to ourselves.
Take a lot of quiet time to reflect and contemplate.
Continue listening and take time every day to fully appreciate yourself.
What are my needs?

Embrace your fear. Make peace with her. Over and over again.

Change is scary.
Don`t wait until the right moment. Be honest to yourself. Speak the truth. Jump.
It’s uncomfortable....
Saying no, letting go of things and people that don`t serve you anymore can be sad and scary.
We tend to cling to what we know. Safety is survival.

Stay with peeps who support you. Who are comforting to be with.
Who accept and love you with all that you are. Inside out!
Gift them with your truth and vulnerability. 

Share and give to the people who recieves with an open heart.
And to the ones who`s not.

I leave you with this:

The more you know who you are, and what you want, the less you let things upset you.

Stephanie Perkins

bali sunset padang padang 2012